Finally the truth is out ...

Here's A Proven Step-By-Step Program
To Permanently Obliterate Negativity
And Instantly Gain Laser-Like Focus
So You Can Rapidly Manifest Any
Dream Or Desire Starting TODAY

If You're Ready To Discover The Truth About Manifesting,
Exactly How Each And Every Step Works In Detail,
And How You Can Use It To Manifest Anything You Want,
Then This Is The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read.

From: Steve Sandford
Date: Monday 9:14 AM

Dear Friend,

Today is the last day you will ever spend living in fear and limitation because I'm going to show you a system I've personally used to manifest a life filled with so much prosperity and abundance that it brings me tears of joy every time I think about it.

But first, can you do me a favor?

Just pretend for a moment that there are ZERO limitations and ANYTHING is possible. Now quickly answer these three questions in your head:

1. What would you like your yearly income be?
How much money do you WANT to make? (Not how much you THINK you can make) How do you make it? Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning earning the EXACT amount of money YOU WANT to earn because you choose. How much more secure and abundant would you feel?

2. How would you like your relationships with friends and family to be? Can you see what it would be like to have harmonious relationships with all of your friends and family?

3. What life purpose would you strive towards?
How GREAT would it feel to finally live every single day with a real purpose, knowing with complete certainty that your life has a greater meaning?

Ok, did you do it? I hope so. Because you can manifest each of these things when you discover exactly how to use the manifesting formula I'm about to show you.

This powerful formula is now available to you. And when you use it, you'll be able to turn any idea, intention, or desire into an actual physical experience once you master this ONE crucial skill ...

And that skill is FOCUS!

Focus is the ultimate power you possess. Your ability to focus all of your power at your will towards what you desire is truly the equivalent of modern day magic.

When you truly master the art of focus opportunities begin flying at you from every direction! More business, better health, new relationships, and an overabundance of opportunities. (You'll literally have to lock yourself in a room to keep abundance from flowing into your life!)

Trust me, its an amazing feeling when you can finally see the actual connection between what you're thinking and feeling, and the results you're manifesting.

In fact, here's something I recently manifested using this system I'm about to show you ...

This is my 2003 Subaru WRX and it is FASSSST! It literally pins me to the seat when I stomp on the pedal and whip around turns at breakneck speeds.

And this is only ONE of the things I've manifested in my life using this system.

I almost feel guilty for showing off my "cool car" to get you to wake up to what is REALLY possible with this system ... notice how I said 'almost' ;-)

But manifesting isn't just about material things. Like I said earlier, this is only ONE of the things I've manifested using this system (I've also manifested my dream job, incredible health, and an overabundance of personal and business opportunities)

Just be honest with yourself ... if you knew how, wouldn't you also manifest your dream car & home while you're manifesting the life of your dreams?

Simply put, no letter you have ever read has as much potential to drastically change your life for the better as this one.

Imagine the feeling of confidence you’ll have knowing how to manifest anything you desire out of thin air ...

Here's The Untold "Secret"
Behind The Manifesting Process

How many times have you heard things like ...

"Visualize what you want and feel like you already have it"

"Feel good and good things will come to you"

"What you think about you will attract"

And so on...

Don't get me wrong ... all of this is true. But it's not the entire picture!

When you hear the word "focus", you probably only think about focusing your mind, right?

Well that's exactly what I thought focus meant when I was first learning how to manifest.

But it only took me a short amount of time (and lots of painful mistakes) to finally realize...

Manifesting Requires More Than Just
Thinking About Stuff & Feeling Good

Manifesting isn't about using your 'mind power' to beg the universe to give you what you want.

And it's definitely not about feeling really good while sitting around doing nothing.

What it really takes to manifest is the ability to focus ALL of your energy in one place on a consistent basis!

This means taking complete conscious control over three things:

  1. Your Thoughts (What you think about)
  2. Your Emotions (How you feel)
  3. Your Actions (What you do everyday)

That's really all there is to it ...

Pretty simple, right?

But the problem is most people simply aren't able to focus.

It's a proven scientific FACT that most people lose their attention every 6-10 seconds!
"Hey! Are you still there?" just kidding! :-)

How Many Times Have You ...

  • Tried everything from visualization to meditation and nothing worked ...

  • Struggled to get past your own negative beliefs, lost concentration, and completely gave up ...

  • Started off thinking big, but eventually got discouraged and settled for thinking in terms of "just enough to get by" rather than abundance ...

  • Had your initial joy & excitement pummeled, obliterated, and destroyed by the negativity of friends, family, and co-workers ...

  • Constantly battled that little noise in the back of your head trying to contradict EVERYTHING you want to manifest ...

  • Watched others around you effortlessly succeed with the Law of Attraction while you try everything, get frustrated, and eventually fail ...

Trust me, I've been through it all. I know what it's like to have a burning desire to experience that greater vision of what you can become in life and have NO IDEA how to get there.

I also know what it's like to get beat up to the point where you just want to give up on ALL of your intentions and desires.

It's extremely frustrating, downright depressing, and even horribly painful sometimes. BUT,
I can tell you from my own personal experience that is doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Because ALL of these "problems" come back to the one thing you need to master if you want to manifest anything you desire at will ... your FOCUS!

What If There Was
A Fast & Easy Way To...

  • Focus your thoughts, feelings, and actions like a laser beam while visualizing what you want in perfect clarity ...

  • Turn your imagination into a 52" High Definition TV at the push of a button with a simple 30 minute audio recording ...

  • Free yourself from ALL negativity, doubt, or fear and finally think in terms of complete abundance and prosperity ...

  • "Rewire" your subconscious programming to quickly get to the point where you firmly believe it will happen (no matter how much lack or doubt you're currently experiencing)

  • Quickly identify and clarify what you want with a simple exercise so you can start attracting it right away

  • Finally acquire the true faith and patience to make all your desires manifest

  • Always stay in the right frame of mind for manifesting even if your environment at your job, at home, or anywhere else promotes the opposite ...

  • Obliterate self doubt and permanently eliminate that annoying voice in your head that tries to battle you whenever you try to manifest once and for all

  • Permanently overcome other people's (especially family and very close friend's) loud and long insistence that you can't do it

  • Quickly "unblock" your mind from all of the "emotional baggage" in order to clear the way for manifesting

  • Easily maintain a joyful emotion constantly in manifesting your desires using a simple 5 step process you can apply anytime ...

  • Stay 100% focused and committed to your intention even if you’ve never succeeded in any home-study course, coaching program, and haven’t followed through on anything in your life ...

Well there IS a way to do ALL of this and more ... and it's called ...

The Manifesting Made Easy Program

The Manifesting Made Easy Program permanently solves the problem of focus and concentration by doing all the hard work for you.

This program is unlike you have ever seen before, because it was designed completely around YOUR NEEDS.

Everything is clearly explained in plain english - making it dead-easy to implement what you learn to see fast results.

Simply put: This is the solution you've been looking for.

But before I go any further, let's get clear on something.

You aren't stupid and neither am I. We've all seen over-hyped systems that instantly promise the world in return. So ...

How Is The Manifesting Made Easy Program Different From The Rest?

This program shows you exactly where to begin, what steps to take next, and where to go if you have questions. There's no more guessing or confusion ... only RESULTS!

Each day you'll be walked through the ENTIRE manifesting process step by step, from beginning to end.

Applying the material in this course to manifest any intention you have is literally as easy as baking a cake.

You'll finally have all the ingredients and the entire recipe so you can start manifesting YOUR DREAMS today!

But let's be realistic. A large sack of CASH is not going fall from the sky right into your lap.

You'll have to spend at least 30 minutes each day following the instructions, learning the material, and applying the clearly explained steps and processes to get the results you want.

To be completely honest, you will not find a more comprehensive, easy to implement program on manifesting that will get you the exact result you want faster than you could ever imagine than The Manifesting Made Easy Program.

But please don't just take my word for it, read what one of our customers has to say:


How has the Manifesting Made Easy Program helped you?
"Your Manifesting Made Easy Program certainly boosted my confidence and self-esteem levels. In a way it had a personal touch - I felt as if some dear friend was telling me things I truly needed. In fact, your concern & care for my situation was tangible. I appreciate your sincere endevours to help people to succeed."

Where do you see your life headed with this new knowledge?
"After reading I now stand in front of a lighted way!"

What would you say to a friend about our course?
"Take it buddy! Someone is helping you to become better ... AND BLESS THEM!"

- Hai Venkat (CHENNAI, INDIA)

So by now you might be wondering "What's in this amazing program"? Well ...

Here's Exactly What You'll
Receive When You Invest In
The Manifesting Made Easy Program

15 Chapter Manifesting Made Easy
Digital Book
(PDF Format - $197 Value)

Here are a few golden gems of information you will discover ...

  • The true source of your where ALL your personal power comes from. Most people have simply no idea this "source" even exists, but YOU will!

  • The real "secret" behind the law of attraction that none of the "gurus" dare tell you ...

  • How to finally overcome self-doubt and obliterate that nagging voice in your head that insists you cannot do it once and for all

  • What the phrase "you create your reality" really means, and how understanding this concept can literally make or break your success with manifesting ...

  • The untold truth about the power of words and how you can deliberately use words to gain access to an unlimited resource of power and confidence

  • How to apply the little known "Law of Correct Thought" to perfectly align your thoughts with your intentions. Get this wrong and you're doomed from the start!

  • The powerful, yet incredibly simple 3-Step "Thought Stopping" Process you can use anytime to permanently eliminate negative thoughts and regain total control over your mind ...

  • 3 simple truths about manifesting most people are completely unaware of. Once you know these 3 truths, you're practically destined to succeed ...

  • The 6 "drivers" of the manifesting process and exactly how to use them. (Hint: Miss one of them & its like trying to bake a cake without an oven!)

  • The crucial difference between "Core Desires" and "Surface Desires" and how understanding this can help you instantly clarify exactly what you want in the blink of an eye ...

  • How to cultivate a burning desire for what you want to manifest and the secret to keep this "inner flame" burning bright no matter what life throws your way ...

  • The shocking truth about beliefs and why if you "believe" you are manifesting you're already dead in the water! (Hint: It's called "Pure Knowing")

  • The whole story about "free will" and exactly what this means for your manifesting

  • The three key steps to "allowing" your intention to manifest (When you truly get this right you instantly enter an accelerated state of manifestation)

  • How to exactly put the "Art of Receiving" to work to bring all the pieces together and receive your manifestation from the universe

  • The "right way" to use gratitude and appreciation to maintain a constant emotion of joy of happiness while manifesting your desires

  • The proven four-step "Daily Manifesting Process" you can follow every day to stay on track to manifesting your desires

  • The dead-simple 3 step formula to always stay in complete alignment with your intention even through all of life's bumps in road

  • How to permanently stop the endless cycle of feeling good, having doubt, then feeling depressed, then having to refocus and finally maintain a natural feeling of emotional well-being and balance

  • Hundreds more tips, insights, and pure gems of gold we simply cannot share or else you would be reading this page for eternity

And That Is Just The Beginning.
You'll Also Receive The ...

Comprehensive Question + Answer Guide
(PDF Format - $197 Value)

Here are a few golden gems of information you will discover ...

  • What exactly am I supposed to do & how often do I do it? (p71)
    Once you have the answer to this question, you'll basically set and success with manifesting becomes easy and predictable.

  • How do I speed up the manifesting process? (p82)
    When you truly understand the basics of the manifesting process, it's literally as simple as "turning up the dial."

  • How do I not feel selfish in manifesting my desires? (p85)
    I used to struggle with this feeling in the beginning as well. But once you understand what manifesting "really" is, everything clicks and you see that it's actually a natural part of life.

  • How do I attract the love of my life? (p115)
    Don't spend another minute of your life left alone without your perfect partner. Now you can learn the shockingly simple 5-step process to rapidly attract the love of your life in this article.

  • How do I manifest more money? (p90)
    The answer is so dead-simple, yet often completely overlooked. You will be shocked once you discover it and start seeing money pour into your life.

  • How do I overcome and eliminate the little noises in the back of my mind trying to contradict what I want to manifest? (p103)
    By using the 3 Step "Thought-Stopping Process" you'll be able to completely annihilate this voice in your head that insists you aren't good enough, can't do it, it's impossible, and all that other nonsense.

  • How do I keep my emotions and motivation up everyday? (p87)
    Often the world can be brutal and bring us down. But once you understand the proven principles disclosed in this article, you'll be able to stay naturally positive and motivated even through the toughest times.

  • How do I keep my mind focused? (p94)
    Since manifesting is all about aligning your focus with your intention, we pulled out all the stops and reveal the deadly effective strategies for keeping your mind focused on your intention like a laser beam.

  • How long will it take to manifest my desire? (p88)
    Learn the truth about "how long" it takes to manifest your desire and the reason why if you worry about "how long" it will take you will waste your time and energy.

  • What is the secret to the Law of Attraction? (p101)
    There is a "secret" to the Law of Attraction contrary to popular belief. However, it most likely isn't what you think it is. (Hint: R*********)

  • Plus, over 27 more of your exact questions with detailed, in-depth answers just waiting for you to discover them!

But We Didn't Stop There.
You'll Also Get ...

15 Chapter Summary "Mind Maps"
(PDF Format - $97 Value)

Here's what the Chapter Summary "Mind Maps" will do for you:

  • Easy to understand "mind maps" visually explain the key points in each chapter so you can quickly learn and retain what's most important ...

  • Faster learning and better retention means you can start manifesting what you want TODAY because you'll finally see "the big picture" ...

And We're Also Including ...

8 Detailed Worksheets Guiding You Through The Entire Manifesting Process
(PDF Format - $97 Value)

Here's what the Manifesting Made Easy Workbook will do for you:

  • No more guessing what to do with what you learn. You'll know exactly what to do with every golden nuggets of information you receive.

  • Success with manifesting is now as easy as "fill-in the blank.""
    Now you can immediately apply what you learn so you can start seeing results right away!

Now You Can Visualize In Perfect Clarity
At The Push Of A Button With The ...

30 Minute Guided Manifesting Visualization
(Audio MP3 Format - $147 Value)

Here's what the 30min Guided Visualization will do for you:

  • Activates the Law of Attraction at the quantum level & puts the universal forces in motion

  • Guides you into a deep, blissful state of pure relaxation preparing you for crystal clear visualization

  • Advanced Binaural-Beat Technology syncs your mind into a hyper-focused "Alpha" Brainwave state perfect for triggering crystal clear visualization.

  • Focuses your thoughts and fine-tunes your imagination to actually "see" your visualization in stunning clarity & detail

Wash Away ALL Fears & Doubts
& Fill Yourself Faith & Confidence
With The One-of-A-Kind...

30 Minute "Pure Knowing" Guided Meditation
(Audio MP3 Format - $147 Value)

Here's what the "Pure Knowing" Meditation will do for you:

  • Frees your mind from all of the "emotional baggage" in order to clear the way for manifesting

  • Keeps you in the right frame of mind for successful manifesting even if the environment at your job, home, or anywhere else promotes the opposite

  • Eliminates that annoying, doubtful voice in your head that tries to battle you whenever you try to manifest once and for all

  • Removes feelings of doubt, fear, and negativity so you can finally think in terms of complete abundance and prosperity

Reprogram Your Mind For Success
Even While You Sleep With The...

"Pure Knowing" Silent Subliminal Audio
(Audio MP3 Format - $147 Value)

Here's what the "Pure Knowing" Silent Subliminal will do for you:

  • "Rewires" your unconscious programming to quickly get to the point where you firmly believe it will happen using "Silent Subliminal" Technology

  • Eliminates unconscious "emotional blocks" so you can easily maintain a constant joyful emotion in manifesting your desires

  • Floods the deepest parts of your subconscious mind with empowering, life-changing messages which allows you to finally think positively & mean it!

  • Instills a deep belief in yourself so you can finally acquire the true faith and patience to make all your desires manifest

You'll Know Exactly What To Do
And When To Do It With The...

30 Day Step-By-Step Quickstart Guide
(PDF Format - $97 Value)

Here's what the "Quick Start" Guidebook will do for you:

  • No more guessing what to do or when to do it. This dead-simple, step-by-step "Quick-Start" Guide literally holds your hand and walks you through every single step of the ENTIRE program ...

  • Having this guide is literally like having a coach by your side saying "Here's exactly what to do and exactly how often to do it."

And Because Our Mission Is To Help
You Succeed - We're Also Including...

FREE Lifetime Updates (Value $197+)

Here's what the FREE Lifetime Updates will do for you:

  • Pay once and get FREE updates for life! Anytime we update the course with new material, you'll be the first to receive it. We'll use your feedback to constantly improve our program to make sure you stay up to date with the best manifesting information available!

Ok! The Manifesting Made Easy Program
Is Obviously The Greatest Manifesting Course Ever But How Much Does It Cost?

Before we even talk about cost in terms of money, I want to you take a moment and HONESTLY ask yourself a very, very important question ...

Stop everything and answer this question honestly right now:

"Will my life be filled with joy & abundance in 3 months
if I keep getting the same results I'm getting right now?"
No, don't keep reading yet ... answer the question above!

Did you do it? I truly hope so. If not, go back and answer it!

The answer probably shocked you didn't it?

And it probably isn't greatest sign of where your life is headed, right?

But ... you still want to create a better life - one where you are in control, don't you?

So be completely honest with yourself ...

What would it be worth to you to master the ability to create life exactly the way you want it?

How much would you pay knowing that starting today, you could begin creating that fulfilling, exciting life you've always secretly desired?

Would you pay $200, $400, $600 ... maybe even up to $1000???

Seriously, can you even place a price tag on actually living the life of your dreams???

If you added up all of the value included in The Manifesting Made Easy Program:

  $147 Manifesting Made Easy Digital Book (PDF Format)
  $127 Comprehensive Question + Answer Guide (PDF Format)
  $47 30 Minute Guided Visualization Made Easy Audio Track (MP3 Format)
  $47 30 Minute "Pure Knowing" Meditation Audio Track (MP3 Format)
+ $47 30 Minute "Pure Knowing" Silent Subliminal Audio Track (MP3 Format)
$37 15 Chapter Summary "Mind Maps" (PDF Format)
$27 8 Detailed Manifesting Worksheets (PDF Format)
$17 30 Day Step-by-Step "Quickstart" Guide (PDF Format)
$197+ FREE Lifetime Updates (Delivered Electronically Through Email)
= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
$693.00 = Total Value of The Manifesting Made Easy Program

It would cost you $693.00 to pay someone to do the all of the research, learn what works, write the book, scientifically engineer the audios, design the "mind maps", create the worksheets, and neatly organize everything into a simple step by step system that literally anyone can follow to manifest the life of their dreams.

Now, investing $693.00 today would obviously be a very big risk on your part.

But fortunately for you, I'm making The Manifesting Made Easy Program available for much less than you think.

You need to invest just one small payment of $97 to get the entire Manifesting Made Easy Program.

And when you put it into perspective, this is something that will pay for itself many times over during the entire course of your lifetime.

I wouldn't be surprised if you manifested all $97 (probably even more) of your money back within the next month.

When you begin you'll get instant access to the program as it's delivered to you electronically in Adobe PDF format & Audio MP3 format.

This means that you can begin putting the system to work for you starting today.

And because I strongly believe that this program is going dramatically improve your life
I'm offering you this incredible, unconditional money-back guarantee below.

I'm literally taking ALL of the risk because I want you to succeed.

If You Follow My Program
I Guarantee You Will Succeed
Or I'll Give You Your Money Back!


Seriously, what are you waiting for? A large sack of cash to fall out of the sky into your lap?

Well, it's not going to happen. In fact, your life will never get any better by sitting around doing nothing. The truth is, the longer you wait, the worse it's going to get.

If you want to create an exciting life filled with joy & abundance you need to take action now. Get The Manifesting Made Easy Program
and turn your biggest dreams into reality today.

Yes! I Want To Order The Manifesting Made Easy Program!

  • Yes! I want to visualize in perfect clarity to activate the Law of Attraction and manifest my intentions at light speed.

  • Yes! I want to wake up every morning with positive emotions pouring through my body and power through my day with laser-like focus and an unstoppable attitude that I can do anything.

  • Yes! I want to overcome my limitations, obliterate all fear and doubt, and finally become the powerful, confident creator I always knew I could be.

  • Yes! I want to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD The Manifesting Made Easy Program for just $97 by clicking the order button below.

To your success,

Steve Sandford
Creator of The Manifesting Made Easy Program

P.S. - Remember, The Manifesting Made Easy Program comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee, so why wouldn't you order? This program may be the exact solution you need.

P.P.S. - And just in case you were wondering ... there isn't anything "magical" about
The Manifesting Made Easy Program even though it might seem like it.

The truth is, you really can be, do and have anything that you want! It really is possible,
but only if you take action right now.

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